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  • Sunday Bayanaat 2015

    Sunday Bayanaat 2015

    ALLAH-ki-muhobat-ko-sikhnay-ka-tariqah.mp3 (NEW!) Bayaan-Sunday-07-06-15.mp3 (NEW!) Bayaan-Sunday-31-05-15.mp3 (NEW!) Bayaan-Sunday-10-05-15.mp3 (NEW!)  Bayaan-Sunday-15-03-15.mp3  Bayaan-Sunday-01-03-15.mp3  Bayaan-Sunday-22-02-15.mp3  Taqwa-k-ina’amaat.mp3 Saubat-e-AhLULLAH-ki-zrurat-Sunday-25-01-15.mp3  Bayaan-Sunday-18-01-15.mp3  Bayaan-Sunday-11-01-15.mp3 ... Read More »
  • Sunday Bayanaat 2014

    Sunday Bayanaat 2014

  • Sunday Majlis

    Sunday Majlis

  • Treatment for anger
  • The Rights of Husband
  • The Rights of Family Members
  • The reality of tasawwuf
  • The Istighna
  • Racial Prejudice and Its Cure
  • Purpose of life
  • Prohibition of Alcohol
  • Patience and the position of Siddiqeen
  • Morning and Evening duas
  • Guidelines for those performing hajj and umrah
  • Four actions to acquire the friendship of with ALLAH S.W.T.
  • Destructive Consequences of Not Observing Purdah
  • A life of piety
  • 14 harms of casting evil glances
  • Reformation of Character
Dubai Bayanaat April’12

Dubai Bayanaat April’12

Dubai Bayanaat March’10

Dubai Bayanaat March’10

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